Welcome to US Military Gamers!

Come on in and introduce yourself.
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Welcome to US Military Gamers!

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US MILITARY GAMERS is a military gaming community for current/veteran military & civilian gamers.
Our vision is to provide a relaxed and friendly environment to current/veterans military who don't take themselves too seriously. For our members, this group isn't just about enjoying the game, but also about developing a sense of fellowship/friendship & community.

To obtain membership within the USMG, please review/complete the following tasks (Not always, or necessarily in this order):
* - Required.
  1. Create/Register an account on the forums. *
  2. Post an introduction post in the Introductions forum
  3. Play some games with USMG members

Membership Requirements:
USMG is currently an open enrollment, no (skill-based) try out gaming community.
  1. Access to a microphone.
  2. Good sportsmanship, good sense of fellowship, and some tough skin!
  3. Participation on our forums!
  4. Military service and/or reference from current member.

USMG Groups
Within the forums here at the USMG, we have different groups with their own color coding to identify them to all registered users of the site.

Registered Users
Lovingly referred to as "Pinky's" - Once someone registers and confirms the registration via email, they're automatically placed in the group "Registered Users". These names are shown in pink and have the title "Registered User" under their name. This indicates that this person has completely registered with the site, but has not yet been confirmed as a full USMG member.

USMG Member
After the 30 day probationary period and elapsed, an Probationary Member is auto-magically moved into the USMG Member group, and their names become blue and have the title member under their name.

USMG Staff/Moderators
"Example is the best precept." -- Aesop (c.620-560 BC)
US Military Gamers has a small staff which serves as a governing body for the development of the community. They are responsible for setting the direction of the group, enforcing the charter & bylaws, solving disputes, establishing structure, and developing tools and enhancements for the enjoyment of its membership. All names of Staff members are shown in green and have the title Staff under their name.
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