Rainbow Six Movie in the Works

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Rainbow Six Movie in the Works

Post by Bravofiveone » Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:47 pm


Paramount has tasked writer/director Akiva Goldsman with adapting the Rainbow Six series into a feature film. The film currently has no cast attached, but Goldsman and his production house are said to be courting Ryan Reynolds for the lead role.

While not much is known about the Rainbow Six film’s plot, Deadline has a few additional details to share. First and foremost, this is a Paramount production and Ubisoft currently has no involvement with the adaptation. Ubisoft has become more involved with films based on its games in recent years, but Paramount owns the rights to Rainbow Six, having purchased them long ago.

That also means whatever Rainbow Six movie Paramount delivers will be based on the Tom Clancy novels and not the video game series. For those that might not be familiar, Rainbow Six was a spin-off of Clancy’s Jack Ryan series and followed a mercenary named John Clark who developed an anti-terrorist unit. The safest bet if Reynolds were to join the project is that he would be playing Clark, but as we mentioned there aren’t many details about plot.

No doubt fans of the Rainbow Six game series are sure to be disappointed by the fact the film will adapt the Tom Clancy books and not the video games, but there is still plenty of reason to be excited. For starters, although the Rainbow Six book does not directly tie in with the video game series, it was released at the same time.

As a result there is plenty of crossover between the two properties, at least as far as the initial releases are concerned. The counter terrorist unit “Rainbow Six” features prominently in the book and is guaranteed to be a focal point of the movie. Tonally, it’s unclear how far the film might lean into that – if it will be more action heavy or tactical – but Tom Clancy adaptations have run the gamut.

A few years ago some would have looked at the prospect of a Rainbow Six film with raised eyebrows, but the series has seen a resurgence thanks to the success of Rainbow Six Siege. Granted, it took some time for Siege to click with an audience, but Ubisoft listened to its community and made smart changes to ensure the title thrived.

Whether or not Siege will still be relevant when this film releases, however, is yet to be determined, but there is the possibility for crossover between the two properties. That’s assuming Ubisoft is willing to work with Paramount and not focus on its own cinematic adaptations like Splinter Cell.

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